Actions are pronounced than words…

Swallowing the tears

threatening the dignity,

I stand head held high,

the pride in me guarding my fight,

I walk ahead,

to march my steps to the success, I crave,

I move forward,

my victory is the answer

I wish to proclaim,

Always actions are

more pronounced than words…



Words are all…

The words that one weave,

to pour the hues of their emotions,

defines the colours that

bubble in them,

The thoughts that one incubate,

to process as an expression,

defines the creativity that

lies with them,

The agonies that one write,

to free their soul from

the turbulence that they face,

untangles the troubles

that bother them,

The value of the language

that shoots through the wars to

establish the peace,

The glory of the words

that kindle the humanity

with the masses,

The thoughts that travel

to impose the love to all,

Proves that,

Words are all…


Prudent words.

Words that weave  magic

to enthral our soul,

Soothing the  heart

to heal our wounds,

Words that trigger those

buried  memories of past

for some moments of nostalgia,

Words that endear our ears 

to caress our hearts,

Words that relax ourself

to pause and pounder the

ways of our life,

Words that  makes us

prudent and wise  to make

some sagacious plans,

Words that our mind behold

to wish for a sanguine future

in the times of need,

Are the words that,

fill the blankness of our

hearts to write beautiful thoughts.