Sunlight. # daily Prompt ,# circle.

The ray brightening the

 darkness of the soul ,

To live in peace with 

one and other,

Spreading the love and

circling all creations,

With its warmth and

shiny brassy light,

Forwarding the time

and day of all life,

With another opportunity

awaiting the souls,

For a better tomorrow…



As a sunshine…

As a sunshine to reprieve

 from the darkness , I rise,

As a rain to quench 

the thirst , I fall,

As a seed to birth

 the life , I strive,

As a breeze to cool

 the soul , I sway,
As a smile to spread 

the hope , I  thrive

As a prayer to hold

 the peace , I kneel,

As a being to love 

and cherish, I live…


Daily Prompt: Bounty

via Daily Prompt: Bounty

The bounty of sunshine he gifted

provides the warmth,

the bounty of rainfall he provided

ends the thirst,

the bounty of resources he supplied

relieves the hunger,

the bounty of land he furnished

gives the shelter,

the bounty of love he granted

spreads  prosperity and peace.