The Me in Me…

In a bissfull silence ,

As I converse with me,

I triumph over the victory,

To rejoice the beauty of

 The moment when,

I identify the Me in Me.




That dark, dark room….

This is a poem written by my niece Vrishali, I took the privilege upon myself to post it.

I once threw myself into a dark , dark room

Caressing mourns and portraying doom,

But then, I really did know

that the dark ,dark room

would remind me of the wound and the long forgotten foe

and there nor can I see the sun and dare not the moon.

For the dark dark room conceals

within itself the darkest of nights

that does not reveal

you a ray of  light.

The longer you dwell , the deeper you’re mined

in the dark, dark room, for that is the spell that is cast

that the dark , dark room will forever remain

the darkest chamber of the lost.

Then you may ask,

For what did I lock myself in the dark ,dark room

But my dear friend , it’s tough to put on the mask

that smiles outside and cries within as a loon.

But then I may also ask you , Why my dear friend

Only yesterday did I see you , in the dark, dark room

holding on to a dear heart that you’ve got to mend.

The fact is my dear friend that we all walk in and out

Of the dark, dark room , for we as humans do tend

to hide our face or let down a tear or shout

and cry out of at most fear.

But all of us do fail to understand something

instead of locking ourselves , in the dark, dark room if we move on and sail

past , the river , past the stream past the mountain and hills with those gliding wings.

Feel the gush of wind and 

the warmth of light 

deep through the woods

letting your hands into the brooks

Oh how good! me would feel.

So the next time you feel like running into

nowhere but the dark, dark room

my dear friend think about those woods

where you could mend your heart and revive your soul.

For people who still didn’t understand 

I say , that the dark,dark room does exist

for away into the land of darkness and that of mist

only that some call it the ‘dark room ‘ and some call it ‘ Their Past’ .


The child in me 

suffered the bite

the moment you

entered my system,

My life was natural

and genuine,

My smiles and joys


Apologies and gratitude

easily conveyed,

As my life was zestful

I surrendered to you

in a whim,

You devastated my individuality

to take control of my personality,

You throw my innocence to the corner,

With the heaviness of you weighing

my soul,

I started to facade my cynical

mind with a tight smile and a

opaque look,

But my tied up soul resisting

this endurance wanted a release,

With all my might I fight you back

to regain my dear old self


A egoless soul…..


நான் என்கிற நான்./ The Me in Me.


ஒரு சுயத்தின் வெளிப்பாடு
ஒரு மனிதனின் அடையாளம்
ஒரு மனதின் முத்திரை
ஒரு சமூகத்தின் அடித்தளம்
ஒரு வாழ்வின் தேடல்
நான் என்கிற நான்.


The English version

A self’s outlet

A person’s identity

A mind’s expression

A society’s base

A soul’ search

The me in me.