When love prevails…

The war of silence

provoked by the

sword of words

inflicting mutual pain

is deeper on the self,

When love prevails…



You didn’t say me, Mother…

You didn’t say me,

Adulthood would change

my perspectives,

You didn’t say me,

I might need to add some grey

to my truths,

You didn’t say me,

I would not be able to speak

out my mind ,

You didn’t say me,

I would have to fight hard

to guard my inner beauty,

You didn’t say me,

My uncompromising days will

never continue for ever,

You didn’t say me,

With age and experience I will

yearn for my innocent days,

You didn’t say any of these ,


Maybe not to frighten me,

But to practice the simple ways of

life you engraved in me is the

biggest challenge I face,

Where do I start to learn this life?


A letter from a stranger…

Lies in front of me an

unopened letter,

A letter from a stranger,

Without a name or an identity,

Flipping through the air,

Begging to be opened,

From whom would it be?

A person of my past?

Faded through the years,

With no inkling in my memory,

A true stranger with the time,

Better ignored to save the space

than to again forget without a trace…

From whom it would be?

A person met in the hurry of the day?

Requesting an obligation or

a thank you note for a small deed

long forgotten,

Never to place the face to the person

better left to perish an easy death…

From whom it may be?

A person of my future,

Who may contain my answers

of tomorrow?

The essence of the life is the suspense

it brings with the moment,

Unveiling makes the

future meaningless,

So a letter from a stranger lies

Unopened and unread…