I found me…/#daily prompt# hidden

Wandering in search of the 

hidden truths of this life ,

 I found me…

Smiling to the small

mistakes of this life,

I loved me…

Laughing to the little

 jokes of this life,

I cherished me…

Accepting the painful

wounds of this life,

I healed me…



The volume of the blessings…

The volume of  blessings 

showering with each droplets 

to cleanse the souls ,

The volume of  warmth

Wrapping  the  the beings

to spread the hope,

The  volume  of  beauty

bewitching  the  hearts

to induce  the happiness,

The volume of  love

filling the minds

to  kindle the humanity,

The energy  surrounding all,

Never ever stopping ,

The  process of evolution ,

To sustain all living,

Is the way of the Saviour
 To  favour all of his children…


Sunshine of my life…

Your presence was the brassy 

sunshine of my life,

Converting my days to flow

like gold,

You brought the best in me ,

You brought the worst in me,

The portion of my life

 that you invaded with 

your love plundering

my peace leaving 

back those memories

that I never wish to visit

 and this addicted soul

 steals the time to

freeze the moment 

to confuse my being 

of the past and present is 

the battle of my will that 

I wish to win daily .


Poems of the dark.

As a morning mist you leave

 traces of  your visits,

The poems of the dark,

Fantasies of a fogged up mind,

Realities forgotten,

I hang in the thin air,

Gripping to the mountain cliff,

To fall deep into the cold water,

Swimming continents to meet you,

To freeze the time and zone ,

To find reasons for your absence,

As the morning rays wake me awake,

I clutch the last straw to bring you back,

Wiping the mist from my eyes desperately…


Camouflaged happiness…….

As the coldness of the

heart untouched by

any warmth,

As the darkness of the

corner beyond the reach

of any rays,

As the mirage that forms

above the vastness of

the ocean,

As the aftermath bitterness

left behind the taste of

a nectar,

The moments to better

this journey of life befools

us for a  camouflaged happiness……


Diamante// Symbiosis

  •                         Symbiosis
  •                 mutual, companion
  •      benefiting, growing,bonding
  • growth for all, single mindedness
  •   exploiting,crippling,paralyzing
  •                   greedy, selfish
  •                       parasitic


Rictameter Poetry// Meaningless


words of love

believed to be buried

deep after years of  secrecy

threatening to break barriers of time

ends up with a meaningless greetings

and a painful goodbye 

carrying love