The women of today…

She is the silver of dawn,

The sunshine with her

captivating presence

radiating energy to

all that she crosses.

Holding on to her rightful freedom

her mothers and sisters fought for her,

she proves her mantel with

her intelligence and girth.

She loves to full, as she pleases,

Never to regret her selections,

She expects the equal love

she lavishes,

Mutual respect is the bond of

the commitment that she demands,

Wearing her individuality as her

precious ornament she walks

heads held high,

When she says “Me too” it is not

a petition for her freedom but a

sovereign proclaiming her right.

The dream of yesterday,

The women of today,

The way to tomorrow.



Gift of love…

Years too long

We tend to the love,

The parallel whispers of our

names with every beat of our hearts,

And the years of silence filled

by the prayers of our souls ,

Is the exquisite gift of the

halcyon days of the love we shared…


Poems never born…

The busy schedules paralyzing the


Words just stare ,

Jumbled like the puzzling emotions

tied tight by the strings

of relationships waiting

to be sorted in the time of leisure,

Some experiences waits to be shared,

Spinning the imaginations with

the golden threads of language,

The poem of my heart gathers its

colourful feathers to gain its flight,

To touch the souls ,

To heal the wounds,

To communicate the thoughts,

To empathize with hearts,

To enroll my prayers in verses

and words,

I do wait for

the moment of surrender,

To register the part of my soulful


To wander into my deepest depths,

And dig up my secret desires,

A poem waits to be born…


What is this life?

The veil of questions of a

Puzzled being,

If this life is a journey,

Where does it end?

So to rest this restless mind.

If this life is the salvation

When does it come?

So this heart finds its peace.

If this life is a curse

How does it redeem?

So this soul finds divine.

If this life is a blessing

Why does it end?

So this memory stays on.

If this life is a process

When does it complete?

So this body goes to sleep.


The partners of chance.

Fragrance  of  the rains 

Evokes her senses alive,

Memories of  the innocence,

Without a care wetting throughout

Their roads of childhood,

Blissful days of  the shared bond,

The first friendship,

Like the first bloom of a flower,

To cry and laugh for the other,

The partners of chance,

Concreting the bond with angelic beauty,

To part abrupt in tears and promises,

Carrying the memories for years to come,

This rain is the only connector ,

To remember and smile and communicate

Their love for each and a hope to meet.


The morning beauty.

She is the morning beauty

Created by the rays funnelled

Through the darkness,

The darkness of  the heaven

Never thought to really exist

But fuelled by the grey imaginations,

The grey imaginations of a confused soul

Always picking the worst to better

To surround itself with fear,

To surround itself with fear of failure

Never to try any harder to lose itself  to

The demons of laziness,

The demons of laziness thrones itself

Stronger and stronger until you rise

To welcome the morning beauty.