A war with me…

The reality of the hurts that bleeds

my dreams are the prints that you

leave behind after you meddle  with

my restless soul ,

Never to release your clutches of me

you follow my every move,

To escape is to be free,

To be relieved of  the  hurts you left behind,

Never again to be trapped,

I fight with my might against me,

A war with me,

In search of my true self,

Killed brutally by my ignorance,

Healing the hope that you crushed ,

I search my peace ,

To spread my wings and 

 paint the beautiful rainbow

with my victory colours…


Immortal blessings…

The love,

 The healer for the punctured  soul,

that navigates the vastness of  the deserts

 in the cold nights that seem never to end,

The love ,

That carries the wounds of the battles 

fought within to reach for the heart

that cares beyond  the self ,

The love,

As the torch to eliminate the greed

that  burns  with endless desires

and  needs to cherish oneself .

The love ,

That encounters countless abstacles

to flourish and relish its core to enrich

the essence of  the beauty of life,

Is the answers to the searchings 

of the immortal blessings…


The volume of the blessings…

The volume of  blessings 

showering with each droplets 

to cleanse the souls ,

The volume of  warmth

Wrapping  the  the beings

to spread the hope,

The  volume  of  beauty

bewitching  the  hearts

to induce  the happiness,

The volume of  love

filling the minds

to  kindle the humanity,

The energy  surrounding all,

Never ever stopping ,

The  process of evolution ,

To sustain all living,

Is the way of the Saviour
 To  favour all of his children…


Truth of the inner self…

Tracing your footsteps 

I wander,

The stillness of the forest,

The darkness of the desert,

The vastness of the sky,

The depth of the sea,

The face of the moon,

The heat of the sun,

All prints lead me through

to your divine self,

Without the identity or the

names I  follow,

Without any queries or the

reasons I seek,

Without any warning or the

advice I expect,

With a smile ,

You show me the way,

Of the truth of the inner self,

To follow and understand,

The eternal peace.

Where empathy is beauty…

Where  religion is love,

Where language is humanity,

Where  power is tolerance,

Where knowledge is education,

Where empathy is beauty,

Where peace is ritual,

Where kindness is practice,

Where the  opportunities are equal,

Where the imaginary boundary 

of the individuals end ,

For the ultimate goal of the creator

win all barriers of his creations…


Where do I start?

Where do I start,

To the path of  this mystical journey,

The passage of self discovery,

Dark and narrow paths that lead to

the dangerous turns and bends,

Holding on to my insane mind that

begs to let go, with an adamant 

soul wanting some answers and  

questions seeking some release ,

holding on  to the perseverance

 of the inner self to guide through 

this process I move a step at a time,

enjoying the journey ,

where a ray of light 

penetrating the darkness

 beautify the shades

 of the shadows and

 the gleam of brightness

 decide the shades of the colours,

The perspectives changing the 

course of the paths and deciding

on the roads to be taken,

Sometimes a peace engulf my soul 

to let out a contented sigh and 

sometimes when  anger and frustration

 invade the battle of wars  drain 

my peace and  hope seems alien and 

despair disrupts the sight,

with the passage muddled like

 the thoughts of my mind 

I stand there without a clue to 

the end of the tunnel for the 

rays of sun to awaken my 

profound thoughts and blessings

 buried deep from the eternal self 

to guide my way and seek the 

answers that seems within a 

grasp of the hand yet as 

a mirage fools my vision and 

blindfolded with ego and greed 

my journey continues in a 

never ending circle ,

Where do I start ?