Haiku#nomadic expression.

every nomadic

expression find its solace

in someone’s heart


I breath free…

The dreams gave the wings,

My desires gave the flight,

To touch the clouds,

To bring those rains,

To embrace the rainbows,

To bathe in the sunshine,

To seek the freedom,

Freedom from the self,

And discover the beauty

of the selfless divine,


The divine mantra breathing in life,

The dreams are forgotten,

The desires vapourised,

I stand far from my initial path,

The path of self-discovery

encompassing this soul,

I breath free…


The dark dungeons of our soul…

When the cry of a helpless

child wake the humanity

left within our core to react

and reach out , but our hands

tied with the ropes of fear fail

to respond,

The heaviness of these sins

we close our eyes to,

dims our paths,

Leading us to the world of darkness,


The dark dungeons of

our souls sink the left out

traces of peace and sanity,

to perish the race of the

human without a trace.


I gift back your love…

You come with a rose and a chocolate

to console my suspicious mind,

The colour I never favoured

and the taste I never savoured,

Once a solid love ,

Now on a fragile path,

To hold or let go?

The years enriching our souls

With different songs,

Whose uniqueness of music

colliding with the other,

The beauty of the symphony

Lost to the ears,

On this day of love,

To flourish the goodness left in me,

I release you from this bond,

So I retrieve my truth and peace.