Blossoms of love…

The drizzles  that  falls as

fragrance of  earth,

The poems that whispers 

 blossoms of  love,

The stars that lights the 

magic of sky,

The breeze that tunes the 

 music of trees,

Spreading the fragrance 

of the blossoms of the 

magical  nature to

disslove into the music

 of the eternal bliss…


Guiding your gloom……

None of those words the 

nature speaks penetrates

 when the shields of despair 

and tension guard you strong ,

None of those songs the 

breeze sing make you 

sleep when you sit 

tight with fright,

None of those stories the

 bright stars convey enter 

your heart when you 

stare with worry,

None of those hues 

of colours  the birds 

flip fast spread to you when 

you embrace your sorrow ,

So stay strong and brave 

with your armours of self

 defence guiding your gloom…….