#Daily prompt # Bury

The spills of the fragrance 

holding the lovely essence

of this life that I  carry

within my soul to shower

as love is the fruits of the

 seeds that you buried in

this heart  somewhere




Poems of the dark.

As a morning mist you leave

 traces of  your visits,

The poems of the dark,

Fantasies of a fogged up mind,

Realities forgotten,

I hang in the thin air,

Gripping to the mountain cliff,

To fall deep into the cold water,

Swimming continents to meet you,

To freeze the time and zone ,

To find reasons for your absence,

As the morning rays wake me awake,

I clutch the last straw to bring you back,

Wiping the mist from my eyes desperately…


Center of life….

My eyes following

every of your move,

my ears tuned to your

constant babblings,

my hands always alert

to hold you when needed,

my legs spontaneous for

every run you command,

my lips always ready with

a smile to ease your fears,

You became the CENTRE

of my life,

It was then that I

 remembered a soul for

 whom I was once thus,

 long ago, with a

new found gratitude

and a loving admiration,

understanding her even

more better………


You are a wonder……

You are a wonder,

The first time I set eyes on you,

You made me laugh withholding

my pain,

The want of  holding you to my bosom

though high,

I let you with your way to fly high,

Though I dream of millions of wishes 

for you,

I always give into your simple wish

to see the smile on your face,

Though I want you to CLING to me for
the rest of my life,

I let  you happily  find the joy

of your life,

When this life’s bottled up pessimism

surround me ,

It is your optimism that

relieve me free,

You are my hope,

To keep the despair away,

You are a wonder,

Always true,

To  bring the best in me.


Missing You……

It has been years since you left me,

Infinite number of times I remind me,

Your face is all faded in my memory,

Missing you is not a routine  in my life,

I live my life to full,so I think,

But then,

Why this longing for your touch,

Why this despair for your smile,

why this yeanring for your warmth,

Why do I miss you in every occasion of my life?

Why do I compare and compete with you

for every love I shower on my children? MOTHER????