The aesthetic pleasure

The AESTHETIC pleasure of

this captive heart is its 

enchantment for the

simple joys at the most

unexpected moment.



Sanguine Expectation.

Like a dry leaf

that falls to the ground,

the past year melts to

 let way to a new year,

A New Year is a new beingning to

pause and continue with our journey of life 

to renounce , restore and accept

 certain situations and to

 overcome every predicaments 

to  cheerfully encounter every moment,


Every Moment  of heart felt desire

can make every sanguine

expectation to be be fulfilled.


New Year’s Wishes……….

Let us,

Relinquish the past,

embrace the future,

cherish our self,

relish the moment,

suppress the anger,

surrender to  nature,

savour the joy,

spread the zest,

favour all beings,

enrich harmony,

ensure peace,

multiply our blessings,

be blissfully happy and

spread the happiness ,for

every new occasion brings

fresh hopes and many more

good wishes.