Keys of respect and love…

Bottled up dreams that are 

layered tight with generations 

of suppression and no release,

now break the barriers 

to free the souls and 

fly high and reach the sky

to  smile and hope for 

the better world,

Where you and me walk hand in hand,

For that was how this world  was made

A female and male equal we hold 

The Key that opens the doors 

to  muthal respect and love .

Immortal blessings…

The love,

 The healer for the punctured  soul,

that navigates the vastness of  the deserts

 in the cold nights that seem never to end,

The love ,

That carries the wounds of the battles 

fought within to reach for the heart

that cares beyond  the self ,

The love,

As the torch to eliminate the greed

that  burns  with endless desires

and  needs to cherish oneself .

The love ,

That encounters countless abstacles

to flourish and relish its core to enrich

the essence of  the beauty of life,

Is the answers to the searchings 

of the immortal blessings…


The never reached rays …

With the addiction of memories

intoxicating this heart and confusing

the core,

You sometimes seem to be my Savior,

Who with your iron armour

Guarded me long,

The moon of my sky,

The compass of my sea,

The clouds of my rain,

The rays of my mornings,

But as I taper off  dreaming

 these  mesmerizing  dreams

to think with my being,

I do understand you were even more,

The moon withered without a  soul,

The compass when a tempest strikes,

The clouds that brought stroms along,

The rays of that sunlight that never

reached  me…


The volume of the blessings…

The volume of  blessings 

showering with each droplets 

to cleanse the souls ,

The volume of  warmth

Wrapping  the  the beings

to spread the hope,

The  volume  of  beauty

bewitching  the  hearts

to induce  the happiness,

The volume of  love

filling the minds

to  kindle the humanity,

The energy  surrounding all,

Never ever stopping ,

The  process of evolution ,

To sustain all living,

Is the way of the Saviour
 To  favour all of his children…


#Daily prompt#Revelation

Somewhere in the point of time

when I complete your sentence and

You understand my thought process

The revelation strikes me,

This journey though hard

Conjoined our souls that

Without your presence 

I just breath my lungs full 

and the heart that beats always

yearns for the traces of  you…