Is this the journey called life?/daily prompt #varnish

When the waves of desires 

washing ashore,

Fill  the shells with the 

droplets of hopes,

And varnish it with peace

 to shine as a pearl,

And to create a  soul  for 

the future to keep,

Fighting the wars

 within to seek its ,

Salvation through the

 path of faith,

Is this the journey called life?




The volume of the blessings…

The volume of  blessings 

showering with each droplets 

to cleanse the souls ,

The volume of  warmth

Wrapping  the  the beings

to spread the hope,

The  volume  of  beauty

bewitching  the  hearts

to induce  the happiness,

The volume of  love

filling the minds

to  kindle the humanity,

The energy  surrounding all,

Never ever stopping ,

The  process of evolution ,

To sustain all living,

Is the way of the Saviour
 To  favour all of his children…


The magic of the stars…

The magic of the stars, twinkling far away,

To spread the secrets, viewing their way ,

Lead with your mind, hear what they say,

To infuse ideas, and Kindle the ray ,

Buried deep in the heart, never to sway,

Open those doors , fly they may,

Up to those stars , where they may lay,

To spread the secrets , viewing their way.


As a sunshine…

As a sunshine to reprieve

 from the darkness , I rise,

As a rain to quench 

the thirst , I fall,

As a seed to birth

 the life , I strive,

As a breeze to cool

 the soul , I sway,
As a smile to spread 

the hope , I  thrive

As a prayer to hold

 the peace , I kneel,

As a being to love 

and cherish, I live…


If not the moon…..

If not the moon

let me be the light,

to light the minds

of the darkened souls.

If not the flower

let me be the fragrance,

to spread the sweetness

to the bitter hearts.

If not the pen

let me be the words,

to ignite hope

to despaired thoughts.

If not the rain

let me be the drops,

to quench the thirst

of the devasted minds.


To evolve as a new being…..

In a moment of weakness 

when my self is overpowered

by a dark demon ,

As a timely intervention

you bring back my rainbow

of thoughts ,

To entangle my mind with your


I swing in the air like a weightless

balloon all my faults forgotten,

heading high for the stars ,

With  your face that smile up to me

with kindness,

I vaporize the selfishness in

me to evolve as a new being…..