Haibun // acceptance // symptoms.

I wander through the dense forest of self doubts, the symptoms that I ignored long invading my senses to cripple my confidence.  The way is dark and lonely , the persistency that I have for company sometimes threaten to desert me . But my inner strength that stood by me in other rough stages of my life, guiding my way, I am sure to overcome this hurdle the life has posed towards me.

          acceptance of self

        emancipate  attitude

        to bring inner Peace



Beauty of the night.//A # Haibun

As I gaze through the  sky in a calm

dark night  millions of stars twinkling at me ,

what are they conveying to me?  I wonder.

With the MINIMAL knowledge of 

constellation I posses , I try to comprehend

their shape, to later give in to my wandering

mind take possession of my thoughts and 

surrender my senses to the engulfing 


Image courtesy pixabay.com

bewitching beauty

emits light , piercing darkness

of the night and soul