The beauty of life.

With love and gratitude 


 The creator,

The genius ,

The artist,


With his magic brush,

Is lavishing the colors

Of love and joy,

To ravish the life,

Of all his creations

To dream and enjoy

This moment of time 

And to remember and rejoice

The beauty of this life

In the days to come.


Vacuum of your heart…

When your ears denys my cries,

When your eyes shuts to my tears,

When your heart rejects my pleas,

When my sorrows never reach you,

The pure soul of the love you lost

Begins a journey of choice leaving

Behind the vacuum of your heart…


Sunlight. # daily Prompt ,# circle.

The ray brightening the

 darkness of the soul ,

To live in peace with 

one and other,

Spreading the love and

circling all creations,

With its warmth and

shiny brassy light,

Forwarding the time

and day of all life,

With another opportunity

awaiting the souls,

For a better tomorrow…


I found me…/#daily prompt# hidden

Wandering in search of the 

hidden truths of this life ,

 I found me…

Smiling to the small

mistakes of this life,

I loved me…

Laughing to the little

 jokes of this life,

I cherished me…

Accepting the painful

wounds of this life,

I healed me…


Camouflaged happiness…….

As the coldness of the

heart untouched by

any warmth,

As the darkness of the

corner beyond the reach

of any rays,

As the mirage that forms

above the vastness of

the ocean,

As the aftermath bitterness

left behind the taste of

a nectar,

The moments to better

this journey of life befools

us for a  camouflaged happiness……


Breathing life……

The spark in your eyes

had million of stories to convey,

The caress of your hands

touched the core of my heart,

The movement of your steps

spoke thousand words of love,

The words of you thoughts

unleashed many of my dreams,

The narrow path we travelled

with little thorns in-between

is always cherished within 

my heart ,

breathing  life to that love

in every of its beat…..