Set her free…

Release her ,

So she is relieved

of your constant memories

tied tight to her tender heart

weighing up her being that

drowns her in the sea of sorrows,

Let her breath free ,

Your constant reminder is fueling

her despair to burn,

The war of her survival and the

anguish of your death is the constant

pain she wish to evade to live a

life of her own…

Set her free from your love for her…



Duty of birth…#daily post# sympathize

The wars of acceptance fought within

the conflicts of the controversies

nagging the conscience,

so the layers of the hidden

Pandora box open to

release the accumulated

emotions breaking the barriers

of the self and identify the

individuality of each to

mutually sympathize with all

crushing the differences

to glorify the victory with

love and respect to empower

the oneness of the breed is

the duty inscribed on this birth.


The unsaid love…unfilled words…

The waves washing our bare toes,

My head resting on your shoulders,

Hands and hearts locked together,

The dreamer in me flying high,

The moment was bliss,

You gently removing your hands,

Gave me the inkling of your feelings,

Though the modesty in you checked

Yourself from blurting it out,

I understood the treachery of this life,

The first tears mourning the death

of my love threatening to break,

The breezy wind blowing my face

Saved my grace…


The scent of him…

The moment she inhaled his scent,

The shock was evident in her eyes,

Searching , she found him,

Faraway in the crowd,

How easily her eyes find him,

How badly her fingers reach for him,

How her ears yearn for his voice,

How desperate her soul rejoice
 over his presence,

The connection of a eternal bond,

Abiding to the laws of the human,

She turns to walk away,

Leaving behind her vapours of tears

As the proof of her sorrow,

The part of her that the air dissolves,

To carry to him to sooth his misery,

Is the proof of their divine connection,

And the urgency he inhales,

To stop his evading tears is the proof
That he knows …