How pained is this heart…

How true is this smile 

That I let the world to see,

How deep is this courage

That I let myself portray,

How pained is this heart

That I never let to bleed,

How dense is my tears

Never to find a vent,

The parts of act I play

In this life’s stage,

Merging my identity

For this role of survival,

Is the secret

I carry to death.



I found me…/#daily prompt# hidden

Wandering in search of the 

hidden truths of this life ,

 I found me…

Smiling to the small

mistakes of this life,

I loved me…

Laughing to the little

 jokes of this life,

I cherished me…

Accepting the painful

wounds of this life,

I healed me…


அன்பு /Love

உனதான பொழுதுகளை
எனதாக்க முயற்சிக்கும்
தருணம் உணர்ந்தேன்
உன் அன்பின் ஆழத்தை.


The English version

The effort of spending

your me time with me

evinced the profundity

of the love you had  for me.