Divine connection//Haiku.

LUSH smell of petrichor,

Triggers a divine connection,

The embrace of MOTHER.



The first meeting…

I don’t have the experience or 

EXPOSURE for this,

My heart is fluttering fast 

with happiness or fear

I know not,

Thousands of self doubt

engulf me,

I have dreamt of a thousand

versions of this first meeting,

but now I am not prepared

for this,

What if you don’t like me,

What if  I am not good enough 

for you,

It was safe when you were 

within me,

but now as a separate individual,

Will I care you proper,

Thousands of questions in a

flicker of seconds,

Then you open your tiny

eyes to see me,

With all love I hug you,

confusions forgotten.


Sanguine Expectation.

Like a dry leaf

that falls to the ground,

the past year melts to

 let way to a new year,

A New Year is a new beingning to

pause and continue with our journey of life 

to renounce , restore and accept

 certain situations and to

 overcome every predicaments 

to  cheerfully encounter every moment,


Every Moment  of heart felt desire

can make every sanguine

expectation to be be fulfilled.


Daily Prompt: Pillage

via Daily Prompt: Pillage

The flowers in my garden

bloomed to the full,

attracting a flight of

butterflies to jointly

form a panoply of colours

inviting a pandemonium

of parrots, a dray of squirrels

and a host of sparrows

to complete the crew,

the peace and harmony

of this little kingdom was

not long to be,

a cyclone’s fury pillaged and

plundered their shelter

and making them homeless,

when I was shaking with grief

and no action,I noticed with wonder

those cute little beings help each

other construct their new homes,

Nature has both hope and despair

tucked within itself,

what we see is the choice of us……..