Set her free…

Release her ,

So she is relieved

of your constant memories

tied tight to her tender heart

weighing up her being that

drowns her in the sea of sorrows,

Let her breath free ,

Your constant reminder is fueling

her despair to burn,

The war of her survival and the

anguish of your death is the constant

pain she wish to evade to live a

life of her own…

Set her free from your love for her…



Drama of our life…

The Creator , the director,

Reverse this play,

To rewrite the scenes

As his ways,

And give us an entry,

when he fancy’s,

The costumes we wear entitling

our role,

The scenes and dialogues

defining our goals,

We become a Hero or a villain ,

Not by choice but by chance,

The drama that is our life proceeds,

To it’s end,

leaving a aching desire

for others to follow our suit,

Or a consuming hatred to rip us apart,

The roles we play defining this soul,

We the puppets in his hands playing

our roles…


I gift back your love…

You come with a rose and a chocolate

to console my suspicious mind,

The colour I never favoured

and the taste I never savoured,

Once a solid love ,

Now on a fragile path,

To hold or let go?

The years enriching our souls

With different songs,

Whose uniqueness of music

colliding with the other,

The beauty of the symphony

Lost to the ears,

On this day of love,

To flourish the goodness left in me,

I release you from this bond,

So I retrieve my truth and peace.


Wanders a lonely soul…

Climbing the highest of the peaks,

Swimming the deepest of the oceans,

Roving the plains and deserts,

Wanders a lonely soul,

It straggles through its thoughts,

Searching for the source to connect,

It’s cracked soles begging for a heal,

Wanders a lonely soul,

Oblivious of the period or territory,

Ignoring the heart’s bewildered cry,

Trying to find its solace and peace,

Wanders a lonely soul,

To escape the predicaments of life,

And find a vent to release,

To rediscover the lost hope,

Wanders a lonely soul,

Answers unveiling even

more questions,

Prolonging the journey to the

Discovery of self ,

wanders a lonely soul…


Duty of birth…#daily post# sympathize

The wars of acceptance fought within

the conflicts of the controversies

nagging the conscience,

so the layers of the hidden

Pandora box open to

release the accumulated

emotions breaking the barriers

of the self and identify the

individuality of each to

mutually sympathize with all

crushing the differences

to glorify the victory with

love and respect to empower

the oneness of the breed is

the duty inscribed on this birth.


A letter from an innocent…

Lost in meddle lies a torn out letter,

The foldings worn-out by time,

The letter written by

an innocent soul long ago,

When nature was filled

with mysteries and unfolding

each gave profuse happiness,

When the dreams were

theirs alone and not

Influenced by social compulsions,

When time was abundant

and love was free to express

Without the influence of

the breed or gender,

A reminder of a jolly soul,

Whose attributes of life was simple ,

God and evil,

By doing good you reach God,

And the evil leads you to devil,

The thin line that confuse the

good and evil never visible,

Life was very simple ,

The normal characteristics defined as

White and black,

Life was fine,

The grey layers of characters

not understood,

It was easy to differentiate,

The right and wrong,

The letter was written then

with a different ink

Now losing all the words

and difficult to comprehend,

The letter meaningless and a

burden to the conscience is

buried deep in the debris of

thoughts but somehow

resurfaces time and again…