The child in me 

suffered the bite

the moment you

entered my system,

My life was natural

and genuine,

My smiles and joys


Apologies and gratitude

easily conveyed,

As my life was zestful

I surrendered to you

in a whim,

You devastated my individuality

to take control of my personality,

You throw my innocence to the corner,

With the heaviness of you weighing

my soul,

I started to facade my cynical

mind with a tight smile and a

opaque look,

But my tied up soul resisting

this endurance wanted a release,

With all my might I fight you back

to regain my dear old self


A egoless soul…..



Life’s prisoners.

A word,

A tear,

A hug,

A pat,

An outpour,

would be proving the renewal

of our bond,


our ego overpowered crushing

the moment of bonding,


with a heavy heart and a bruised soul

we are existing,

as this life’s prisoners,

waiting for another opportunity…