Those days of bliss,

Cheering and bearing,

Running behind butterflies,

Chasing the cats and

Climbing the trees,

With CLEAN hearts and

Unclean hands,

Never to bother the morrow,

Enchanted by the moment of

Joy to hold on to the marrow,

Thou long gone,

Lasts long in the CLEAN memory…




A sky for me alone,

The stars in my grasp,

Walking trees,

Laughing animals,

Talking birds,

Standing butterflies,

Rainfall when desired,

Pleasant sunshine,

Clouds as umbrella,

Rainbow as stairs,

Snowfall for happiness,

More than all,

God as a person and live,

I heard with fascination,

As the tiny dots spill their dreams,

With an EXQUISITE joy.

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Nature’s wonder.

via Daily Prompt: Pillage

The flowers in my garden

bloomed to the full,

attracting a flight of

butterflies to jointly

form a panoply of colours,

inviting a pandemonium of parrots,

a dray of squirrels and

a host of sparrows

to complete the crew,

the peace and harmony

of this little kingdom was

not long to be,

a cyclone’s fury pillaged and

plundered their shelter,

making them homeless,

when I was shaken with

grief and no action,

I noticed with wonder,

those cute little beings help each

other construct their new homes,

Nature has both hope and despair

tucked within itself,

what we see is the choice of us…