The eternal bond…

Without proper INVITATION or

Permission you entered my 


The encounter of our beings

was an accident,

I didn’t wish to seek you,

But as a bond of an eternal

relationship you grew into me,

As our souls united I was obliged

to accept you as mine,


You enhance my identity and 

Enrich  the soul of my individuality,

My conscience.href=””>Invitation</


The marathon called life…

In this marathon called life,

The newer paths I embrace,

To relinquish the older ones,

Taking some diversions,

 To retain my zest for life ,

without compromising 

On my core principles ,

Making new bonds to let go

 the older ones and ,

Holding fervently to 

my individuality,

In search of happiness 

and peace ,

Will decide the 

course of my life. Marathon