The volume of the blessings…

The volume of  blessings 

showering with each droplets 

to cleanse the souls ,

The volume of  warmth

Wrapping  the  the beings

to spread the hope,

The  volume  of  beauty

bewitching  the  hearts

to induce  the happiness,

The volume of  love

filling the minds

to  kindle the humanity,

The energy  surrounding all,

Never ever stopping ,

The  process of evolution ,

To sustain all living,

Is the way of the Saviour
 To  favour all of his children…


#Daily prompt#Revelation

Somewhere in the point of time

when I complete your sentence and

You understand my thought process

The revelation strikes me,

This journey though hard

Conjoined our souls that

Without your presence 

I just breath my lungs full 

and the heart that beats always

yearns for the traces of  you…


Your tender footsteps…

Your tender knot of hands

unknotted my pretenses 

to see through the true

essence of this life’s meaning,

Your tender footsteps paved

the way to the world of

 happiness solving the mystery

of this life’s  journey,

Your tender heart with

overwhelming love pure 

and selfless taught

the value of  this life’s worth.


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Song of my life…

The fragments of the poem,

Long written with the 

 colours of the rainbow and

woven with the silver 

threads of the rain, 

is crisp in my memory,

reminding me the day I stood

drenched  in the love 

of those words and  the 

warm rays of music 

 awakening my senses ,

I found the song of my life…


Destroyed innocence…

The natty lockers of 

the secret chambers,

Never again open up

for the fear of invasion

of your memories that 
leave my heart  devasted

of the attacks that cripple

my soul of the loss of the 

innocence that you destroyed 

with the selfless epitome of

 love that you favoured 

on me that my life seems

empty and insignificant

 with any other…