Love & Life.

When without the life you are inefficient as living,

so is that,

when without love you are inefficient as a human.



Support, Life and Lessons.


The strength and vigour of the

little brain to manoeuvre

an exam paper is tremendous,

fighting a strong battle with

it’s tiny grey cells to overcome

the fatigue that crops in due to the

discouraging words around

and to ignore the self-doubts

that overpower at times,

to surpass the expectations

and get the decent score

are a pure story of might and wits,


let us understand  the intense battle

of the mental grit,

a child endures,

and  support them to accept

their achievements,


it is not a pass or failure

that matter most,

it is the lessons that

we learn to enrich

this life is most important.

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The eternal bond…


Without proper INVITATION or

The permission you entered my 


The encounter of our beings

was an accident,

I didn’t wish to seek you,

But as a bond of an eternal

the relationship you grew into me,

As our souls united I was obliged

to accept you as mine,


You enhance my identity and

Enrich the soul of my individuality.


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Woods and the frozen lake…


Standing in the chaotic

heavy morning traffic,

The sizzling sun

mercilessly burning

my skin and 

the noise of the

impatient drivers

bleeding my ears

I could ‘t  but envy,

Robert Frost who had

not only the time

to stop and watch

but had the woods

and a frozen lake too.

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The essence of this life…

The touch of your little fingers

wiped out all the pain in the

depths of my soul,

Your first smile engulfed

my being with all the happiness

of its birth,

The first step of your

little toes made me

skip a beat,

I felt the pain

before your every fall,

My eyes followed your

every move of its own accord,

Holding you,

I understood the essence

of this cherished life.

The moment when

I put you before my own self

was the moment,

I understood,

The love of my mother completely.

I never exist for you…

The silence between us is maddening,

Though within my grasp

you seem far away,

You chase wealth,

I chase love,

Mortgaging your virtues,

You seek your desires,

Enriching this life’s essence,

I seek mine,

We drift along different paths,

Never to share common grounds,

Our mutual bond is a burden to both,

To ease out the pain,

I decide to part,

The love I had will continue

as the prayers for you,

Never try to miss me though,

From now on,

I never exist for you…


Pursuit of happiness…

Do you know me?

I think not.

I am a face in a crowd,

Navigating the days as you,

A name as my identity,

A commoner like you,

I pace this journey as you,

Unfilled wishes filling the buckets,

Waiting for a miracle to happen,

I survive the days with dreams

And sleep the nights with despair,

Happiness is what I seek,

As every other creature that breath,

Where do I find mine?

If you could sympathize with

my plight please do share an

insight or two,

Is it in the money I earn all day long?

Is it with the people I call my own?

Is it through the faith of God?

Is it by the content of the heart? Or,

Is it the wisdom of the mind?

I do understand yours and mine

may differ,

And each pursuit of happiness is