She is the perfection of the creations,

A masterpiece of the divine,

Silencing the sentence to death, 

She  raises from the ashes,

Breaking all limitations,

She creates beautiful sensations,

Her imaginations are flawless,
Fragments of the past stitched,

To the future,

She recreates history,

She is the mystic magician,

 To regrow her wings 

After every clipping,

Setting new frontiers 

She flies higher and higher,

Liberating her thoughts

To match her actions,

And discover herself…


How do I ?

Your brilliant assumptions

 of me are mostly true,

You read my soul with just

a look,

Though the intensity warms

my heart,

My forlorn thoughts are better

left alone,

How do I laugh when all I want

is to cry?

How do I smile when the tears

threaten to flow?

How do I say to you your love

is my curse?

How do I convey to you that we

see each in different terms?

You as a friend and I as the music

of my life?



The song of love.

The total love you surrender 

with every of your smile,

That I collect with all of 

the being of my sight,

To be stored in the deep

Secret part of my heart,

As a silent joy of this

Soulful beautiful life,

Never to be whispered

But to be sung loud and clear,

The song of love,

The song of life,

The tunes of togetherness

That we created together,

By the strings of love and understanding,

In this blissful life that leads

 us to the eternal bond of love 

that continues to eternity.




புரிகின்ற தருணத்தில்
தொலைகின்ற காதலாய்
உணர்கின்ற பருவத்தில்
இழந்திடும் பாசமாய்
பார்க்கின்ற நொடியினில்
மறைகின்ற கானலாய்
தொடுகின்ற சமயத்தில்
நெடுகின்ற வானமாய்
பொழிகின்ற வேளையில்
கலைகின்ற மேகமாய்
என் தேடல்களின் முடிவுமே
இன்னொரு தொடக்கமாய்

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