The beauty of silence…

When the beauty

of the silence is lost,

with an abrupt urgency

to cover the nakedness

of the raw emotions

fighting for the release,

the magic strings

of thoughts spill

the unfinished poem

of the lonely soul with

thousands of cherished meanings

never to be shared…


Words are all…

The words that one weave,

to pour the hues of their emotions,

defines the colours that

bubble in them,

The thoughts that one incubate,

to process as an expression,

defines the creativity that

lies with them,

The agonies that one write,

to free their soul from

the turbulence that they face,

untangles the troubles

that bother them,

The value of the language

that shoots through the wars to

establish the peace,

The glory of the words

that kindle the humanity

with the masses,

The thoughts that travel

to impose the love to all,

Proves that,

Words are all…


Defined facts of life…

A silence that communicates

unspoken words,

A tear that conveys the

heartfelt happiness,

A clemency that equalates

a punishment,

A smile in a

forlorn situation,

Are the moments when

the defined facts of this

life is never fully understood.


Darkness is not fear but truth…

The twinkling flowers of his garden,

Blooms with the darkness,

Darkness is not fear,

There lies a beauty ,

A beauty that smiles with profundity,

The glamour of audacity,

The trust of truth,

To seek the truth and

overcome the failure,

And glorify the sunshine ,

Stride the darkness,

There are all the stars with

Their typical brightness

Guiding your way…


A letter from an innocent…

Lost in meddle lies a torn out letter,

The foldings worn-out by time,

The letter was written by

an innocent soul long ago,

When nature was filled

with mysteries and unfolding

each gave profuse happiness,

When the dreams were

theirs alone and not

Influenced by social compulsions,

When time was abundant

and love was free to express

Without the partiality of

the breed or gender,

A reminder of a jolly soul,

Whose attributes of life were simple,

Good and evil,

By doing good you reach God,

And the evil leads you to the devil,

The thin line that confuses the

good and evil never visible,

Life was very simple,

The normal characteristics defined as

White and black,

Life was fine,

The grey layers of characters

not understood,

It was easy to differentiate,

The right and wrong,

The letter was written then

with a different ink,

Now losing all the words

and difficult to comprehend,

The letter meaningless and a

the burden to the conscience is

buried deep in the debris of

thoughts but somehow

resurfaces time and again…