You have a life in you…

You are not alone,

When moving in a crowd,

There are more steps to match,

To march the way you desire,

There are more sights to see,

When you free your soul,

Darkness that is beautiful,

Or the hues that frighten you,

There is more to love,

When you liberate yourself,

The secrets hidden in you,

May find the air to breathe,

There is more to give,

When you have the will,

A smile or a cry,

Is a worthy gift to share,

There is more to live in this life,

When you break the walls of your self,

Breathe free and high,

After all,

You have a life in you…

Seasons of life.

The tender leaves of spring sprout,

birthing the hope of seasons,

birds crip, bees hum, souls sing,

with love and joy,

everything beauty under the sun,

healthy and full comes out the blooms,

for the Earth to blush with

abundant charm…

Her glowing beams

increase bountiful

sunlight to burst with

energy and signify the growth,

the growth of work and wealth,

brightness bringing knowledge

and power,

the most resourceful season

of life flows…

To appreciate the

hard work and beam with pride,

smiles the harvest,

to rest and ponder

the reasons for this life,

to shed down and weigh the life

of its truest purpose ends the fall…

The cold winter seeks in,

coldness, not sorrow

but a long wait for the end to come,

to hibernate and settle in peace

with the life’s memories.


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Words are all…

The words that one weave,

to pour the hues of their emotions,

defines the colours that

bubble in them,

The thoughts that one incubate,

to process as an expression,

defines the creativity that

lies with them,

The agonies that one write,

to free their soul from

the turbulence that they face,

untangles the troubles

that bother them,

The value of the language

that shoots through the wars to

establish the peace,

The glory of the words

that kindle the humanity

with the masses,

The thoughts that travel

to impose the love to all,

Proves that,

Words are all…


This meandering soul flows…

My meandering soul flows

Through the depts of this life,

Seeking the place it craves,

Making impressions on the move,

With every turn and twist,

Learning the adventures of life,

Adapting to changes,

To evolve as a better being,

Loving with care,

Smiling with compassion,

Sympathizing with empathy,

Aspiring with intelligence,

Shedding the ego,

To carry experiences along,

To dissolve itself into the ocean

of humanity and surrender, it’s

Conscience with the pureness

of heart.


I breath free…

The dreams gave the wings,

My desires gave the flight,

To touch the clouds,

To bring those rains,

To embrace the rainbows,

To bathe in the sunshine,

To seek the freedom,

Freedom from the self,

And discover the beauty

of the selfless divine,


The divine mantra breathing in life,

The dreams are forgotten,

The desires vapourised,

I stand far from my initial path,

The path of self-discovery

encompassing this soul,

I breath free…


We are strangers…

None of the words you

write reach me,

None of the language you

Speak find me,

None of your tears

Move me,

None of your laughter

Cheer me,

None of your memories

Own me,

None of your days

Seek me,

None of your nights

Find me,

The bodies covering our Souls

Never truly know us,

We are strangers in this world,

Never to see or know,

But the eternal bond of the

Above divine,

Hold the light connecting these souls,

The time to part this world

is the moment of our peace and

The passage for a journey awaiting

Our love…


The dark dungeons of our soul…

When the cry of a helpless

child wake the humanity

left within our core to react

and reach out , but our hands

tied with the ropes of fear fail

to respond,

The heaviness of these sins

we close our eyes to,

dims our paths,

Leading us to the world of darkness,


The dark dungeons of

our souls sink the left out

traces of peace and sanity,

to perish the race of the

human without a trace.