I gift back your love…

You come with a rose and a chocolate

to console my suspicious mind,

The colour I never favoured

and the taste I never savoured,

Once a solid love ,

Now on a fragile path,

To hold or let go?

The years enriching our souls

With different songs,

Whose uniqueness of music

colliding with the other,

The beauty of the symphony

Lost to the ears,

On this day of love,

To flourish the goodness left in me,

I release you from this bond,

So I retrieve my truth and peace.



What is this life?

The veil of questions of a

Puzzled being,

If this life is a journey,

Where does it end?

So to rest this restless mind.

If this life is salvation

When does it come?

So this heart find its peace.

If this life is a curse

How does it redeem?

So this soul find divine.

If this life is a blessing

Why does it end?

So this memory stay on.

If this life is a process

When does it complete?

So this body go to sleep .


A letter from an innocent…

Lost in meddle lies a torn out letter,

The foldings worn-out by time,

The letter written by

an innocent soul long ago,

When nature was filled

with mysteries and unfolding

each gave profuse happiness,

When the dreams were

theirs alone and not

Influenced by social compulsions,

When time was abundant

and love was free to express

Without the influence of

the breed or gender,

A reminder of a jolly soul,

Whose attributes of life was simple ,

God and evil,

By doing good you reach God,

And the evil leads you to devil,

The thin line that confuse the

good and evil never visible,

Life was very simple ,

The normal characteristics defined as

White and black,

Life was fine,

The grey layers of characters

not understood,

It was easy to differentiate,

The right and wrong,

The letter was written then

with a different ink

Now losing all the words

and difficult to comprehend,

The letter meaningless and a

burden to the conscience is

buried deep in the debris of

thoughts but somehow

resurfaces time and again…


To Dissolve herself… Daily prompt#dominant.

Cluster of clouds moving

To collide to pour the rain of words,

She waits for the outpour,

The fragments of the past,

The dreams of the future,

Stitched by the threads of the present,

Her joys and sorrows,

Hues of bright and dull colours,

Mingling with the fabric of life,

Her tears to glue and joys to glamour,

She uses all her resources,

The Dominant quest to weave

The true radiance of her soul,

She waits for the release,

To freeze the time and place,

And dissolve herself in the liquidity

Of the drops…


The waning beauty…

In the darkness of the nights,

Her radiance is the blink of  light,

That guides me through,

The pureness of white with the tinge 

Of grey is my reliance in this life,

She is the company 

I seek when  my tides are low,

As she smiles to me in our solitude hours

I find the answers I search,

The waning beauty with her alluring

Song entwine my soul 

To enchant my being with her peace…