An internal peace…

When you are cradled

by nature’s bliss,

An unruffled harmony

escalates your soul,

The rhythmic noise

of your breathing

becomes the music

of the divine’s symphony,

An internal peace

surrounds you…



The songs of the dark…

The solo songs of the night,

Echoing the shrillness of the dark,

Filling the empty cavities of the heart,

Letting find solace for some,

Seeking the peace for a few,

Condemning the actions of the day,

Or crying the griefs of today,

And building a hope for tomorrow ,

The songs of the night echos to all…


Do the prayers pierce through?

She drinks the sweetness,

She breaths the fragrance,

She search the colors,

The nature her Savior

For millions years to count,

Guiding her survival ,

Promising her existence,


Threatens her flight,

The air carrying the toxins

Suffocating her soul,

The colors guiding her flight

Allergic to her wings,

The concrete structures

Snatching her home,

The loudness around

Killing her fragile peace,

The magic of her patterns

Holding her breath,

She prays for rescue,

Do the prayers pierce through?


What does this bring?

Letting go of  the old to embrace the new,

The crazy fever of the young failing long 

 To be replaced by  this serene mind ,

What does this bring?

A medicine to heal the wounds or

A weapon to cut even deep?

New experiences to calm this soul or
Kindle those memories buried deep,

Shower the blessings long due or

Crush this heart even more,

Lighten the free sprite of mine or

Darken the dungeons of devil in me,

The profound thoughts leading

Thousands of questions,

With the depth of the heart

I pray , Let,

Peace prevail,

Empathy grow,

Kindness flourish,

Happiness spread,

Nature survive,

Forgiving the sins of human,

Let him shower his blessings as always…