The beauty of this life…

The beauty of this life

 throws our way the little 

smiles of innocence to 

drench us wet with the 

summer showers of love

engulfing the soul with its 

sweet smell of  petrichor

 and the long  forgotten 

nostalgic memories of simplicity…



#Daily prompt # Traditional # Fragrance

The fresh fragrance of the first blooms

transforms the senses clean,

The earthly fragrance of the first rains

transports the souls near to nature,

The divine fragrance of the holy shrine

triggers the hearts to its inner peace,

The pure fragrance of the country air

teases primitive memories awake,

The dusty fragrance of the past

traces traditional  connection of humanity,

To rejoice and relish this life to full…


Blossoms of love…

The drizzles  that  falls as

fragrance of  earth,

The poems that whispers 

 blossoms of  love,

The stars that lights the 

magic of sky,

The breeze that tunes the 

 music of trees,

Spreading the fragrance 

of the blossoms of the 

magical  nature to

disslove into the music

 of the eternal bliss…


Song of my life…

The fragments of the poem,

Long written with the 

 colours of the rainbow and

woven with the silver 

threads of the rain, 

is crisp in my memory,

reminding me the day I stood

drenched  in the love 

of those words and  the 

warm rays of music 

 awakening my senses ,

I found the song of my life…


The magic of the stars…

The magic of the stars, twinkling far away,

To spread the secrets, viewing their way ,

Lead with your mind, hear what they say,

To infuse ideas, and Kindle the ray ,

Buried deep in the heart, never to sway,

Open those doors , fly they may,

Up to those stars , where they may lay,

To spread the secrets , viewing their way.