A letter from an innocent…

Lost in meddle lies a torn out letter,

The foldings worn-out by time,

The letter written by

an innocent soul long ago,

When nature was filled

with mysteries and unfolding

each gave profuse happiness,

When the dreams were

theirs alone and not

Influenced by social compulsions,

When time was abundant

and love was free to express

Without the influence of

the breed or gender,

A reminder of a jolly soul,

Whose attributes of life was simple ,

God and evil,

By doing good you reach God,

And the evil leads you to devil,

The thin line that confuse the

good and evil never visible,

Life was very simple ,

The normal characteristics defined as

White and black,

Life was fine,

The grey layers of characters

not understood,

It was easy to differentiate,

The right and wrong,

The letter was written then

with a different ink

Now losing all the words

and difficult to comprehend,

The letter meaningless and a

burden to the conscience is

buried deep in the debris of

thoughts but somehow

resurfaces time and again…



The blessed conveyors…

When fear flee and

peace surround,

When the smiles

trancend borders,

Guaranteeing empathy

rule the hearts of the rulers,

When Humanity spreads it wings

touching all creatures,

The blessed conveyors residing

in the immortal souls,

Rejoice for the creator and

his creations.


The beauty that she is…

She is a beauty to every sight,

Her joys of radiance contagious

And touching all passing her way,

The living divine for the two souls

Reason for her birth,

The cherished dream of their

Breathing moments,

The gift of their life ,

The reason of their breaths,

Their blessing from the immortal,

With the stars glowing in their eyes,

Her shine was evident to all but one,

The one that mattered most to her,

The tears behind her happiness,

But now the smile of her sorrows,

As she stifles all her emotions

Behind a facade of smiles ,

She waits for the moment to confide

And console those two hearts,

For she knows the intensity of their

Pain will be more than hers…