Haiku#nomadic expression.

every nomadic

expression find its solace

in someone’s heart


The nomadic soul…

My memory fails me,

My nomadic soul has

encountered this experience

in some time of its expeditions,

In the long past

with a different name

and a different identity,

I have seen the blush

on your face,

but thought it to be

the sky in the dusk,

I have seen the glow

on your skin,

but thought it to be

the shine of the sun,

I have seen the flowers

on your hair,

but thought it to be

the stars in the dark sky,

I have seen you walk

with grace,

but thought it to be

the swaying breeze,

I have seen the love

in your eyes,

but thought it to be

the dream of the night,


after centuries of wanderings,

to experience this again,

What thou might it be?

My love for you…

With the love in your eyes,

You look at me,

Neither the years nor the wrinkles

Have diminished the beauty of you,

Our years together is

my soul’s yearnings come true,

Not many years may hold us on,

Before I part with you forever,

I have a desire to fulfil,

Easing out your wrinkles,

I just want to see,

The Glow of your skin

With the first sight of me,

Easing out the wrinkles,

I just want it to be,

The sparkling bride

Standing beside me,

Easing out our wrinkles,

Just for once,

I wish to travel through the time,

To convey my deepest love for you…


The essence of this life…

The touch of your little fingers

wiped out all the pain in the

depths of my soul,

Your first smile engulfed

my being with all the happiness

of its birth,

The first step of your

little toes made me

skip a beat,

I felt the pain

before your every fall,

My eyes followed your

every move of its own accord,

Holding you,

I understood the essence

of this cherished life.

The moment when

I put you before my own self

was the moment,

I understood,

The love of my mother completely.

I never exist for you…

The silence between us is maddening,

Though within my grasp

you seem far away,

You chase wealth,

I chase love,

Mortgaging your virtues,

You seek your desires,

Enriching this life’s essence,

I seek mine,

We drift along different paths,

Never to share common grounds,

Our mutual bond is a burden to both,

To ease out the pain,

I decide to part,

The love I had will continue

as the prayers for you,

Never try to miss me though,

From now on,

I never exist for you…