Gift of the nature…

The alluring autumn air swaying 

the dark waves of clouds to 

swing the tiny little stars to sleep,

The silent songs of the moon  

mesmerizing the oceans below

to dance to its tunes,

The elegance of the night

is the magic gift of the nature

for a peaceful sleep…



#The rails of unison#daily Prompt

Like the paths of the rails
that the sight defines 

moves farther and endless,

The parallel line of   our hearts 

echoing the unique oneness

of our jolly thoughts,

Moves on holding the souls 

of our  bond for the long and safe 

journey of this life…


ஓர்  மௌனி…

உயிர் பிழையின் 

ஒலியில்லா வடிவம் நான்,

உடலினை ஊனப்படுத்தி

என்னுள் ஓலமிடும்

உண்மைகளின் சுவாசத்தை

காத்தெடுக்கும் முயற்சியின்

உந்துதலே என் வேடம்

ஆம் , நான் ஊமையல்ல

எரிமலைகளை உள்ளடக்கிய

ஓர்  மௌனி…

Is this the journey called life?/daily prompt #varnish

When the waves of desires 

washing ashore,

Fill  the shells with the 

droplets of hopes,

And varnish it with peace

 to shine as a pearl,

And to create a  soul  for 

the future to keep,

Fighting the wars

 within to seek its ,

Salvation through the

 path of faith,

Is this the journey called life?




Piercing my gingerly

 laid wall of silence,

Enters those cries,

The cries of hunger ,

The cries of pains ,

The cries of the last hope,

The cries of the lost dreams,

The cries against the corruption,

The cries for equality,

The cries for respect,

The silence as my armour

To silent my conscience,

I stand deaf to those cries,

Never alone,

For ,

I hear, 

Millions of the silent cries 

echoing my silence …

How pained is this heart…

How true is this smile 

That I let the world to see,

How deep is this courage

That I let myself portray,

How pained is this heart

That I never let to bleed,

How dense is my tears

Never to find a vent,

The parts of act I play

In this life’s stage,

Merging my identity

For this role of survival,

Is the secret

I carry to death.