Actions are pronounced than words…

Swallowing the tears

threatening the dignity,

I stand head held high,

the pride in me guarding my fight,

I walk ahead,

to march my steps to the success, I crave,

I move forward,

my victory is the answer

I wish to proclaim,

Always actions are

more pronounced than words…


Accept the gift of birth.

Listen to the music,

the rhythm flowing in you,

Play the tunes of life,

it is the song within you,

sing with the stars in the night,

dance with the beauty of the moon,

brighten your days with a smile,

lighten your nights with peace,

appreciate every bloom,

and spread the beauty and

the fragrance of your heart,

to keep you blessed with joy,

sing to the tunes of this life,

that is in you,

Discover the magic of this life,

that is travelling with you,

the hues of the feathers that

colour your day to the designs of

the clouds that tow your way

defines a pattern to unfold

the mysteries of this life,

to comprehend the purpose of life,

spread the love dormant in you,

and discover the magic of life,

Accept the gift of birth,

to cherish the happiness

that engulfs your whole.

Faceless in the crowd.

Faceless in the crowd,

Nameless when alone,

I am always accompanied

by my conscience,

preventing my faults,

guarding my truth,

humbling my soul,

It is my saviour,

entitling my life in this

vast universe,

purposing the path

of intelligence that I seek,

the captivating energy

from the divine,

never to rest till I breathe my last.


நீள்கிறது இந்த வாழ்க்கை…

பனி வருடிய சிறு பூவாய்,

கால் வருடிய சிறு அலையாய்,

தென்றல் வருடிய தளிர் தேகமாய்,

இதயம் வருடிய முதல் காதலாய்,

வருடிச் செல்கிறது சில நினைவுகள்,

பட்டு கைகளின் செல்ல ஸ்பரிசமாய்,

பட்டாம்பூச்சியின் வண்ண ஸ்பரிசமாய்,

மழை தூறலின் முதல் ஸ்பரிசமாய்,

பால் நிலவின் குளிர் ஸ்பரிசமாய்,

ஸ்பரிசித்து செல்கிறது சில நிஜங்கள்,

தளிர் புன்னகை

விட்டுச்செல்லும் கனவாய்,

ஒரு பார்வை

தந்து விட்டுச்செல்லும் ஏக்கமாய்,

தினம் வரும்

விடியல் வீசும் நம்பிக்கையால்

நீள்கிறது இந்த வாழ்க்கை…

The moon of my trust…

The invisible scars

that you left me with

are the proof of

my ripped open heart

that healed itself

with the constant tears

that flowed free from

the bared soul

that was fool enough

to invest its valuable trust in you,

my once beautiful heart

waiting for its flowers

of innocence to bloom

was barred from

the fruits of trust

due to your untimely intervention,

but with the hope,

I pray,

for my stars of belief

to twinkle brightly

and the moon of my trust

to grow to full someday…


The love we share…

With different

outlook and different


the truth that breathes

our hearts are identical,

With different

reasonings and different


the love that we seek

in this life is constant,

With different

rhythm and different music,

the song we wish

to sing is similar,

With different

means and different versions,

the affection that we shower

the other is consistent,

with different

gender and different needs

the way our soul’s match

is congruent...


Support, Life and Lessons.


The strength and vigour of the

little brain to manoeuvre

an exam paper is tremendous,

fighting a strong battle with

it’s tiny grey cells to overcome

the fatigue that crops in due to the

discouraging words around

and to ignore the self-doubts

that overpower at times,

to surpass the expectations

and get the decent score

are a pure story of might and wits,


let us understand  the intense battle

of the mental grit,

a child endures,

and  support them to accept

their achievements,


it is not a pass or failure

that matter most,

it is the lessons that

we learn to enrich

this life is most important.

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