Pursuit of happiness…

Do you know me?

I think not.

I am a face in a crowd,

Navigating the days as you,

A name as my identity,

A commoner like you,

I pace this journey as you,

Unfilled wishes filling the buckets,

Waiting for a miracle to happen,

I survive the days with dreams

And sleep the nights with despair,

Happiness is what I seek,

As every other creature that breath,

Where do I find mine?

If you could sympathize with

my plight please do share an

insight or two,

Is it in the money I earn all day long?

Is it with the people I call my own?

Is it through the faith of God?

Is it by the content of the heart? Or,

Is it the wisdom of the mind?

I do understand yours and mine

may differ,

And each pursuit of happiness is




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