The blessed conveyors…

When fear flee and

peace surround,

When the smiles

transcend borders,

Guaranteeing empathy

rule the hearts of the rulers,

When Humanity spreads it wings

touching all creatures,

The blessed conveyors residing

in the immortal souls,

Rejoice for the creator and

his creations.


இரவின் ஓலங்கள்…

இருட்டின் ஓலங்கள்

உறங்கா இரவுகளின்

இம்சிக்கும் சஞ்சலங்களாய்

உரைக்கும் உண்மைகளின் இறுக்கம்

அவிழ்கும் இரணங்களின்

உறைந்த குருதியின் ஒளிந்த

உண்மைகளின் கனம் போதும்

இரு விழியும் சேராமல் நனைய…

The songs of the dark…

The solo songs of the night,

Echoing the shrillness of the dark,

Filling the empty cavities of the heart,

Letting find solace for some,

Seeking the peace for a few,

Condemning the actions of the day,

Or crying the griefs of today,

And building a hope for tomorrow ,

The songs of the night echos to all…


The beauty that she is…

She is a beauty to every sight,

Her joys of radiance contagious

And touching all passing her way,

The living divine for the two souls

Reason for her birth,

The cherished dream of their

Breathing moments,

The gift of their life ,

The reason of their breaths,

Their blessing from the immortal,

With the stars glowing in their eyes,

Her shine was evident to all but one,

The one that mattered most to her,

The tears behind her happiness,

But now the smile of her sorrows,

As she stifles all her emotions

Behind a facade of smiles ,

She waits for the moment to confide

And console those two hearts,

For she knows the intensity of their

Pain will be more than hers…


The unsaid love…unfilled words…

The waves washing our bare toes,

My head resting on your shoulders,

Hands and hearts locked together,

The dreamer in me flying high,

The moment was bliss,

You gently removing your hands,

Gave me the inkling of your feelings,

Though the modesty in you checked

Yourself from blurting it out,

I understood the treachery of this life,

The first tears mourning the death

of my love threatening to break,

The breezy wind blowing my face

Saved my grace…


The silhouette of dreams…

The silhouette of dreams,

Engraved in my soul,

To hold her precious hand and conquer the world,

To breathe her fragrance and mingle my soul into hers,

To drink in her flawless self and cherish her inner beauty,

To hear her silence, with the delightful string of her words,

To sing her song, and dissolve into the symphony of her music,

For the pureness of this birth and purpose of this life,

I wait for the dream to gain its life…

Growing up …

The dreams of the innocent,

Grow big , Wear the glamour of age,

Earn a lot, Spend it lavishly,

Buy whatever,

Money is advantage,

Age is power,

Executed with charm,

Growing up fun,

To follow our will,

The dreams of the ignorance,

Believed to be true,

Narrated to a mind of proficiency,

And a inscrutable face,

Smiles back with the

years of experience…


To Dissolve herself… Daily prompt#dominant.

Cluster of clouds moving

To collide to pour the rain of words,

She waits for the outpour,

The fragments of the past,

The dreams of the future,

Stitched by the threads of the present,

Her joys and sorrows,

Hues of bright and dull colours,

Mingling with the fabric of life,

Her tears to glue and joys to glamour,

She uses all her resources,

The Dominant quest to weave

The true radiance of her soul,

She waits for the release,

To freeze the time and place,

And dissolve herself in the liquidity

Of the drops…


The divine moment…

Soft granules tickling the feet,

The breezy air soothing the heart,

The darkness of the sky teasing the eyes,

The calm of the absoluteness 
Surrounding the soul,

The candid conversation with the self

Evolving new heights,

Is the divine moment when,

This journey of life finds 

True perceptions of its self…