What does this bring?

Letting go of  the old to embrace the new,

The crazy fever of the young failing long 

 To be replaced by  this serene mind ,

What does this bring?

A medicine to heal the wounds or

A weapon to cut even deep?

New experiences to calm this soul or
Kindle those memories buried deep,

Shower the blessings long due or

Crush this heart even more,

Lighten the free sprite of mine or

Darken the dungeons of devil in me,

The profound thoughts leading

Thousands of questions,

With the depth of the heart

I pray , Let,

Peace prevail,

Empathy grow,

Kindness flourish,

Happiness spread,

Nature survive,

Forgiving the sins of human,

Let him shower his blessings as always…

This life is a blessing…

A smile and a cry,

To convey the feelings,

A truth and lie,

To control the situation,

Love and hate,

To communicate the heart,

Hope and despair,

To confess the belief,

The first cry to the last peace,

This life is a blessing,  and living  a curse…


வாழ்க்கை வரம் , வாழ்வே சாபம்…

இன்பமும் துன்பமும்

உணர்த்திடும் உணர்வாய்

சிரிப்பும் கண்ணீரும்

வெளிப்படும் கருவியாய்

வெற்றியும் தோல்வியும்

பயில்விற்கும் பாடமாய்

அன்பும் வெறுப்பும்

பழகும் உறவாய்

உயிர்த்த நொடியின்


நிறுத்திய சுவாசத்தின்


வாழ்க்கை வரம்

வாழ்வே சாபம்.

You’re my teacher…

Fluttering and flying

 with the wings of colours,

You awaken those dormant

dreams of my soul,

You’re the butterfly
Of my garden,

Spreading the magic

By your mystic touch,

You’re the smile of

My heart,

That flows as the river

Of joy to spread the happiness,

You’re the vibrance of 

My thoughts,

That I fill with beauty to

Spread the love,

You’re the identity of
My life,

That I cherish to blossom

To the worthiness of this life, 

 You’re the liveliness of

My sight,

Filling my life with the gifts

Of this blissful nature,

 You’re the rhythm of

My pulses,

Nurturing the beauty of tolerance

To live with a communal harmony,

You’re the life from me,

The connecting link of my history

to the generations to come,

With the pure little eyes
You Kindle the memories of my 

long forgotten innocent mind,

You’re the compass of my life,

Guiding through rough tides,

You’re my teacher…


The song of love.

The total love you surrender 

with every of your smile,

That I collect with all of 

the being of my sight,

To be stored in the deep

Secret part of my heart,

As a silent joy of this

Soulful beautiful life,

Never to be whispered

But to be sung loud and clear,

The song of love,

The song of life,

The tunes of togetherness

That we created together,

By the strings of love and understanding,

In this blissful life that leads

 us to the eternal bond of love 

that continues to eternity.


Tiny little hearts…

Fascinating characters,

Warriors of truth,

Tough exteriors,

Merciful souls,

Charismatic personalities,

Saviors to people,

Messenger of god,

All the common legends

Believed with ignorance

And heart felt innocence

Still holds us captive

Just for the pleasure to

Pass it on and spread

The bliss of joyful dreams

to all the tiny little hearts…


Daily prompt # inheritance

The soft ground under my feet

Reminds me to lighten my steps,

The morning breeze caressing my skin

Release my knotted up breaths,

The vastness of the blue sky above

Rejoice my senses smooth,

The clean nature around

That for generations gifted,

To utilize safe and cherish it to grow,

And pass on the inheritance and legacy

For our children on and on…