Poems of the dark.

As a morning mist you leave

 traces of  your visits,

The poems of the dark,

Fantasies of a fogged up mind,

Realities forgotten,

I hang in the thin air,

Gripping to the mountain cliff,

To fall deep into the cold water,

Swimming continents to meet you,

To freeze the time and zone ,

To find reasons for your absence,

As the morning rays wake me awake,

I clutch the last straw to bring you back,

Wiping the mist from my eyes desperately…


Where do I start?

Where do I start,

To the path of  this mystical journey,

The passage of self discovery,

Dark and narrow paths that lead to

the dangerous turns and bends,

Holding on to my insane mind that

begs to let go, with an adamant 

soul wanting some answers and  

questions seeking some release ,

holding on  to the perseverance

 of the inner self to guide through 

this process I move a step at a time,

enjoying the journey ,

where a ray of light 

penetrating the darkness

 beautify the shades

 of the shadows and

 the gleam of brightness

 decide the shades of the colours,

The perspectives changing the 

course of the paths and deciding

on the roads to be taken,

Sometimes a peace engulf my soul 

to let out a contented sigh and 

sometimes when  anger and frustration

 invade the battle of wars  drain 

my peace and  hope seems alien and 

despair disrupts the sight,

with the passage muddled like

 the thoughts of my mind 

I stand there without a clue to 

the end of the tunnel for the 

rays of sun to awaken my 

profound thoughts and blessings

 buried deep from the eternal self 

to guide my way and seek the 

answers that seems within a 

grasp of the hand yet as 

a mirage fools my vision and 

blindfolded with ego and greed 

my journey continues in a 

never ending circle ,

Where do I start ?

The magic of the stars…

The magic of the stars, twinkling far away,

To spread the secrets, viewing their way ,

Lead with your mind, hear what they say,

To infuse ideas, and Kindle the ray ,

Buried deep in the heart, never to sway,

Open those doors , fly they may,

Up to those stars , where they may lay,

To spread the secrets , viewing their way.


As a sunshine…

As a sunshine to reprieve

 from the darkness , I rise,

As a rain to quench 

the thirst , I fall,

As a seed to birth

 the life , I strive,

As a breeze to cool

 the soul , I sway,
As a smile to spread 

the hope , I  thrive

As a prayer to hold

 the peace , I kneel,

As a being to love 

and cherish, I live…