The perfumed kerchief…….

The perfumed kerchief

tucked in my closet

bearing the stains of 

your tears is the proof

of the monster sleeping

in me…….

The goodbye I bid tearing

my soul to save your tender

little heart is the proof of 

the goodness you sowed 

in me……

The sad smile on my face

thinking of you is the proof

of the lingering bond between 

us everliving…………..



4 thoughts on “The perfumed kerchief…….

  1. Seriously, how DO you come up with such profound thoughts? No, I am seriously interested in knowing. Is it an intellectual activity, or do you feel as strongly as your readers do when they read it?

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    1. Thanks LG ……To say the truth I myself don’t know, but mostly it must be my perspective of seeing things, since I am a bad reader ( I turn to the last pages before I reach the tenth page of any book , I hate suspense ). All in my family are voracious readers and my book list of must reads keeps on expanding…..


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