A slight fear ran through my spine hearing the sharp roar of the lion. The family of the lion consisting of four cubs were resting by the tree. It was mid afternoon and the climate was sultry.This might be the cause of their agitation, I think. I remember the fascination these visits to the zoos brought me when I was young , but I experience a different sort of emotion bothering my mind now . Invading their territory and confining them to cages ,so ,to please ourselves , seizing their freedom to suppress our fear , human, making himself the supremo of all beings over the millions of years of his existence have understood the ways to exploit every creatures for his selfish needs. The thought that I am one among, affect me deep . Just when I was watching , the four little cubs started to roll over their mother to playfully pull her tail , the grin look of their father never bothering them. Will the cubs ever know the primitive life of their forefathers?

             confined in darkness

          suffocating the senses

        will light free the soul



Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 27 – “Light & Dark”