The clouds turning intense grey as my heart rejoice over an anticipation of a heavy rain. Water that pours to cool the earth and supress the thirst of  all creatures always triggers a joy and hope in my heart. The sultry heat of despair crushed by the mightier seed of hope to over come all odds to sprout is the wonder only possible to nature.

Image courtesy pixabay .com
 arid the surface

cherishing  a drop within

    never to dry up

Alas!  just when I was watching a wind  dispersed the clouds  crushing my hope for a rain. The solace that I was eagerly waiting to brighten up my spirit not going to happen, I consoled myself with a hope of morrow.

     pregnant clouds controls

loads of   prayers , hope , despair

    where will it relieve?



Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 26 – EARTH & WATER