Quicken strides.

Primitive instinct

overpowering refinement,

with quicken strides I

approach to relish,

the aroma of food

captivating my empty

stomach and sense.



Center of life….

My eyes following

every of your move,

my ears tuned to your

constant babblings,

my hands always alert

to hold you when needed,

my legs spontaneous for

every run you command,

my lips always ready with

a smile to ease your fears,

You became the CENTRE

of my life,

It was then that I

 remembered a soul for

 whom I was once thus,

 long ago, with a

new found gratitude

and a loving admiration,

understanding her even

more better………


Simple joys of life….

In a time of leisure

as I sit to unlock and

clean the chambers

of my heart,

I JIGGLE with the rusted

keys of  “simple joys of life”

to unreveal my marvelous

 and treasured moments 

of simple joys this life has 

gifted me with but 

buried deep and kept 

untouched for long to 

be forgotten in this

fast paced race of life,

Getting carried away 

by time and place

unwinding the wrappers 

to have a peep,

the memories appear 

as a glimpse in front of

 me with my mind playing

 tricks and  my eyes pregnant

with tears  blurring my sight……..


நான் சூரியன்….

நான்  சூரியன்,

அடை மழையாய் என்னை அமுக்கிவிடாதே

சிறு தூறலாய்  என்னை   அணைத்துக்கொள்

எண்ணற்ற வானவில் உள்ளது என்னிடம்,  வெளிப்பட……..