Let me….

My heart is over worked and tired

of crushing my wishes big and small,

to oblige that of yours,

Let it be left alone to

 beat for the passion and a 

vision of its own  for

only once it gets this offer of life,

Leave me to fly not

 like a kite with the strings

 in your hands defining

my flight but as a bird ,

may be , I may not reach ,

for the stars but my little 

wings may touch the moon,

Let my soul wander a little 

before it finds its desire to settle,

Let me walk my own path ,

for if I don’t create one smooth,

atleast let me decide

what my little feet endure,

Let my eyes see what it wants ,

for it to know what to love and seek,

Let my ears be open and strong,

 to encounter some hard truths

for me to evolve and grow,

Leave me as me,

Since this cocoon of love you wrap around

me only make a handicap out of me.



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