Seek me in you…

In the liminal stage when a

  Dream and reality merge,

An angel in the voice as sweet as

Honey came to me,

Why did you come ? I asked

To share a bundle of hope, she replied

Why today? I asked

You seem in despair, she replied

But I came the other day too,

When you were filled with sorrow,

To shower you with joy,

And in your grief you didn’t

 recognize me,

The other day you were in solitude

And lost I came to  give you


But you forced me away with your frown,

So what now? Asked I,

Just breath easy and always believe in hope,

Said she,

Somewhere deep in my mind I believed


Thanks I said for relieving me,I smiled,

When she was getting ready to leave,

Where do I seek you if SOMEDAY I need you?

I asked,

You need not search me elsewhere,

I am in you with lots of hope and

Joy tucked in me,

Seek me in you ,she said.



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