With the unleashed tears

burning my eyes,

I give a weak smile,

my interior beg for a release,

but not now,I console,

there will come a time for these

tears to flow,

there will come a time for the

sorrow to burst,

but not now,

My cowardly soul must not

kill your will,

Let it be with a grace you wished

you breath your last,

Though letting you go, is hard

I must abide to the Nature’s rule,

Holding  you with your pain

kills my soul  ,so

Letting you go ,I must,

Dear Grandma,

The parting will be hard,

but the unconditional love

you showered on me is sure

to engulf me to soothe the pain, so

with a breaking heart ,

I say my Good bye with a smile

on my face,how you wished it to be…………