My dear companion….

Just when I was

Alone and orphaned,

You came,

To soothe my crushed soul

and heal  my bruised heart

with your presence,

Cuddling me when down,

Licking my tears dry,

Pricking to my every sound,

Trailing my SCENT with your sense,

You waded away my sorrows,

Your plays bringing back my smiles,

Your hunger acknowledging my mine too,

With your unconditional love you taught

to love again,


Giving back my life,

You are gone forever,

Where to I seek you,

How do I move from here my dear companion….



You taught me life…

My loneliness was filled by you,

As the air sway to fill the vacuum ,

You enriched my mind with wisdom,

Many a nights you gave me company,

With anticipations and expectations,

You gave my life some chaotic pleasures,
You taught me love,

You taught me joy,

You taught me to dream and 

 hope for more,

With a series of REPLACEMENT,

With different names and different genre,

You taught me life,

 Within your neatly piled papers.



Love never my moto,

Cuddle not my agenda,

Sometimes mild,

Mostly harsh,

I am always warm,

Never to hold,

To eradicate the cold,

Dawn to dusk,

On my duty,

I do lavish ,

Light and warmth,

Without favour,

On every being,

Small or big,

Heartless they say,

May be true,

Never tried to ponder,

But on seeing you,

I too wonder,

My little YELLOW flower,

You bloom with a radiance,

On seeing me,

Following my trail,

Without a blinker,

To wither in the evening,

If I did have a heart,

My dear,

I will be yours forever…..



உன்னை என்னுள்

ஒளித்து வைத்தேன்

ஏதோ ஒரு மூலையில்

நீயும் இருந்துக் கொள்வாய் என

ஆனால் நான் அசிரத்தையாய்

இருந்த நேரம் பார்த்து

இப்படி  முழுதுமாய் ஆக்கிரமிப்பாய்

என்று நானும் தான் நினைக்கவில்லை.

The Eternal Grace.

The SIMPLE dark sky

glittered with the

 appearance of the

twinkling stars,

The moon,

The benevolent angel

joined the crew,

They had all night to themselves,

To cheer the sleepy children,

To soothe the lonely souls,

To connect the loving hearts,

To praise the brave minds,

To glow the darkened spaces,

To cure the damaged hopes,

To console the betrayed beings,

They had all night to guard this 

Earth with their eternal grace.