Nurturing young minds……


Let the sirens sounds of

ambulances fade away

giving way to laughter of

playing children in the war zones,

Let little arms don’t beg anymore

and draw butterflies as should be,

Let hunger become an alien word

and every stomach feel content of its feed,

Let not a single tree fall to the

ground due to the greed of the humans

and greenery  cool our eyes,

Let lusting of a woman’s body be

punished as a sin and respect for

her self be a norm of the world,

Let every smile be returned and

hands stretch to wipe every tear,

so the planet be a better place to live,

Let every young mind be nurtured

to live a hopeful and zestful life

with peace and harmony.



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New Year’s Wishes……….

Let us,

Relinquish the past,

embrace the future,

cherish our self,

relish the moment,

suppress the anger,

surrender to  nature,

savour the joy,

spread the zest,

favour all beings,

enrich harmony,

ensure peace,

multiply our blessings,

be blissfully happy and

spread the happiness, for,

every new occasion brings

fresh hopes and many more

good wishes.





Nature’s wonder.

via Daily Prompt: Pillage

The flowers in my garden

bloomed to the full,

attracting a flight of

butterflies to jointly

form a panoply of colours,

inviting a pandemonium of parrots,

a dray of squirrels and

a host of sparrows

to complete the crew,

the peace and harmony

of this little kingdom was

not long to be,

a cyclone’s fury pillaged and

plundered their shelter,

making them homeless,

when I was shaken with

grief and no action,

I noticed with wonder,

those cute little beings help each

other construct their new homes,

Nature has both hope and despair

tucked within itself,

what we see is the choice of us…



எங்கோ தொடங்கிய அந்த ஈர்பின்
தொடர்வாய் சுழன்ற என் எண்ண
ஓட்டத்தின் பிறழ்ச்சியின் வடிவமாய்
உன்னை நான் வடிவமைத்துக் கொண்டேன்,
எனக்கு பிடித்த மாதிரி,
உன் தவறில்லை தான்
நிஜத்தின் சுவரூபமாய் நீ

Daily Prompt: Retreat

via Daily Prompt: Retreat

You have been my Friend,

we have played together,

you coming to touch my feet,

and I retreating from you,

you have been my counselor

in my times of need,

you have been my healer

patiently listening to

my hearts pour,

but then,

on that fateful day all

of a sudden you became

my worst enemy,

a fear chasing my

waking moments,

a demon to wipe my

confidence in nature,

a nightmare crushing

out the hope of survival

though time the healer

heals my wounds,

the scar you created

still exists,

the sound of your waves

which was music to my ears,

now creates a panic

that forces my legs to run,

but my soul misses the

magical moments we

shared together and is waiting

for my heart to seek you as a

retreat as used to be…….