Daily Prompt: Culture

via Daily Prompt: Culture

Culture gives us an identity,

a feeling of belonging,

a system of oneness,

Let us loosen the ropes of these

varied cultures,

to bond all the humans

under the sun into

a boundary of humanity,

where love is the religion,

kindness the language and

peace the culture.


Support, Life and Lessons.

The strength and vigour of the

little brain to manoeuvre

an exam paper is tremendous,

fighting a strong battle with

it’s tiny grey cells to overcome

the fatigue that crops in due to the

discouraging words around

and to ignore the self-doubts

that overpower at times,

to surpass the expectations

and get the decent score

are a pure story of might and wits,


let us understand  the intense battle

of the mental grit,

a child endures,

and  support them to accept

their achievements,


it is not a pass or failure

that matter most,

it is the lessons that

we learn to enrich

this life is most important.