ME and my weight

See what you eat,

the words of my mother long forgotten

swayed me to the world of overweight,

every time standing on a

weighing machine,

hoping for a miracle happen,

ending up with extra plus grams and

a guilty little  sigh,

taking an oath of walking tomorrow

and washing away with a fall of a rain,

“cutout rice in the diet and

eat small portions,”

friends with concern,

well tried but ended up eating

mouthwatering snacks in between,

“exercise you must” order of a doctor,

“what about a treadmill?”

I asked husband with eyes full of hope,

“why to dry clothes?”

the answer came with sarcasm,

can understand his dilemma,

after all,

He is the witness of my failed

up missions and gained up pounds,

The battle for money and

calories when eating out,

calories always won,

but ended up with none,

meticulously prepared boiled veggies

always bland but never ever ended

in the gland,

dress selected with a lot of care and

time not fit after the first wear,

but always kept in the hope of some

reduced inches piled up in the


But sure one day,

I will succeed

after all,

what is life without some hope?


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