The divine moment…

Soft granules tickling the feet,

The breezy air soothing the heart,

The darkness of the sky teasing the eyes,

The calm of the absoluteness 
Surrounding the soul,

The candid conversation with the self

Evolving new heights,

Is the divine moment when,

This journey of life finds 

True perceptions of its self…



The waning beauty…

In the darkness of the nights,

Her radiance is the blink of  light,

That guides me through,

The pureness of white with the tinge 

Of grey is my reliance in this life,

She is the company 

I seek when  my tides are low,

As she smiles to me in our solitude hours

I find the answers I search,

The waning beauty with her alluring

Song entwine my soul 

To enchant my being with her peace…



She is the perfection of the creations,

A masterpiece of the divine,

Silencing the sentence to death, 

She  raises from the ashes,

Breaking all limitations,

She creates beautiful sensations,

Her imaginations are flawless,
Fragments of the past stitched,

To the future,

She recreates history,

She is the mystic magician,

 To regrow her wings 

After every clipping,

Setting new frontiers 

She flies higher and higher,

Liberating her thoughts

To match her actions,

And discover herself…

The scent of him…

The moment she inhaled his scent,

The shock was evident in her eyes,

Searching , she found him,

Faraway in the crowd,

How easily her eyes find him,

How badly her fingers reach for him,

How her ears yearn for his voice,

How desperate her soul rejoice
 over his presence,

The connection of a eternal bond,

Abiding to the laws of the human,

She turns to walk away,

Leaving behind her vapours of tears

As the proof of her sorrow,

The part of her that the air dissolves,

To carry to him to sooth his misery,

Is the proof of their divine connection,

And the urgency he inhales,

To stop his evading tears is the proof
That he knows …


Will She?

She is the divine mercy,

Her memory is agile,

Her love abundant,

Her presence in every soul that is good,


The greyness of the souls,

That lust  innocent women and children,

Erasing the humanity in them to become 

The monster in disguise never to redeem,


The greyness of the souls,

That give and receive the bribes,

And soak in the strains of corruption

To grow rich and wealthy,

And taint the future with poverty,

Are the weeds of the society , 

Though it is against her nature,

Will She perish them

To save her beautiful garden?

And save her innocent children?

And help hope survive?


The partners of chance.

Fragrance  of  the rains 

Evokes her senses alive,

Memories of  the innocence,

Without a care wetting throughout

Their roads of childhood,

Blissful days of  the shared bond,

The first friendship,

Like the first bloom of a flower,

To cry and laugh for the other,

The partners of chance,

Concreting the bond with angelic beauty,

To part abrupt in tears and promises,

Carrying the memories for years to come,

This rain is the only connector ,

To remember and smile and communicate

Their love for each and a hope to meet.